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Anyone reading this blog should probably know right now that what they’re reading is a part of my Trends in Advertising course – Just to clarify!

Alrighty, now onto business.
For those whom are in Advertising, we thought that the Mad Men generation was long gone, and that technology would evolve the industry  on its own. Well, the Mad Men have returned with high heels and a Martini in their hand. Women are pushing the envelope within agencies to make their own mark, eliminating much of the gender stereotypes. We all thought that girls liked the colour pink and dolls, and that boys liked the colour blue and playing in the mud. The tables have turned to show differently.

So, what’s so different today compared to ten or twenty years ago? The Internet.

Sure, the creation of the Internet has triggered the beginning of the technological age and everyone is embracing change better than ever. In the eyes of advertisers, the Internet has altered the classic way of forming target audiences. In the olden days, demographics were based off of fact and psychographics were based off of a lot of assumptions. Social media has enabled advertisers to dig deeper into the minds of the targeted consumers, allowing for psychographics to be more detailed, letting ethnography to take over. But, the first impression of consumers has been blurred due to people lying about their demographics and not listing as much information as they used to freely give. If you think of it though, don’t we want more psychographics anyways to find what the consumer needs? Yes, but how can you use those psychographics if you have no demographics to find out the basics to target that message? Well, I guess it has all become a balancing act between the pot of gold and the pot: You want the gold, but how can you carry it anywhere without the pot?

Alright, so now we all know that things have been changing with targeting people. What else has changed? Oh yeah, women are taking over the social media world and are making changes. BIG CHANGES! Women are making changes about stereotypes regarding the genders, while remaining on top of the social media platforms. Why are women on top of social media more so then men? Well, my guess is that women enjoy conversing more online and want to know the who, what, where, and when about their family and friends. These sites have taken women gossiping to a new level, making their information accessible by anyone!
Does this mean that social media will end gossiping? No. It is just a new platform.

There you go! My first post!