Branded utilities are those things that make us product choosy. You know – the little things that make us all love the brands that we love.  Johnson & Johnson, Nike, and other well-known brands are just some examples of the hundreds that are apart of our lives on an every day basis.


A branded utility I have used before is the Domino’s Pizza trackers. This product allows you to track every step of your order from the moment the pizza is made to when it arrives at your doorstep.  This specialty and unique service went viral upon public release, spiking sales through the roof. Unfortunately, it hit a downfall once the buzz wore off as it  was considered “cool” for the consumer the first time they used it. Once the fad wore off, consumers like myself began to ignore the live time of the pizza delivery or chose to go back to their favorite pizza joint (For me, it was Pizza Pizza due to its location and prices!).


Kraft also brings fun to the table with their new application.  The iFood Assistant is here for you to let you come up with recipes for dinner, how to videos, a built in shopping list, and much more.  These options are also available on their website. I have seen this app in action at a friends place.  It brought simple things together to make a delicious. Unfortunately, I am a not to technologically advanced person because I have… a not so smart smartphone. As a result, I have gone to the Kraft website to get the information I need to cooking and baking needs time and time again. In the end, my friend was the one whom made me look into the application and the website. I would not have learned of its convenience otherwise.


Jamie Oliver – everyone knows him for his class and cooking skills. What many people don’t know is that he has lots of apps that do lots of different things. One of these apps, 20-minute meals, has become a great success! This app has many things including tips and tricks from the man himself! The only thing I feel this application is missing is not technical, but recipe accuracy.  When using the application, all of the 20-minute recipes are cooked within Jamie Oliver time and not by the average person. From what I have seen, some recipes can take over an hour! That’s nuts! Therefore, so changes in accuracy need to be made to this app so that its bad timing will not anger consumers.



I brand that I feel could really benefit from building brand utilities is the Additionelle store brand. One thing that is constantly on the minds of young women whom want to be trendy but may be a bit on the heavy side is “What will actually look good on me but not make me look like a cow?”. Additionelle could create an application to improve their customers experience both within and outside of the store. The application would offer the consumer to take a picture of themselves on their camera and transfer it into the application. From there the consumer could choose eye colour, skin tones, etc. The app can make recommendations as to what would look good on the consumer, and design a style for them that can only be achieved by shopping at Additionelle. This app would also offer the option of the consumer knowing where they can purchase the clothing within their area and the quantity the store has. I feel that this will benefit many women whom are looking to feel better about themselves, and know all the choices they have about shopping for clothing.


A local branded utility that I have seen is by the Museum of Civilization.  This app allows for the consumer to have access to similar information on their website, but in real time. This app has floor maps, audio tours (Which can be useful on days you want a tour but can’t get on one), and a calendar of all the events that are coming to the Ottawa and Gatineau area. This app is great for tourists and locals looking to have a fun day out.  If I had a Smartphone, this would be an app I would definitely have!


Another local branded utility that I have seen is the Rideau Canal Skateway app. Although it would be ideal for using in the winter, I feel that it would be an awesome app to have – especially for people living in the downtown. This app gives you real time ice updates, and what you need to watch for while you’re skating.  Sometimes you’re not near a computer to check the ice conditions but want to go skating – This allows for that!


In the end, there are lots of branded utilities that are being used everyday.  Whether it is recommended from a friend or you’ve seen it first hand, companies are going to continue to embrace this technology and continue to make the customer experience last outside of the business place.