Guerilla marketing and PSA’s/social issues go hand in hand when making consumers think about their surroundings. Sometimes they’re disturbing, enlightening, and overrated.  Here are some of the highlights:


You would never think that a PSA would have as great of an affect as this one did in Ukraine. Pedestrian ghost is one of THE BEST guerilla marketing campaigns that I have ever seen due to its ingenuity and impact – it got people to slow down.

The point of these efforts was to have drivers slow down on a main roadway that had a pedestrian crossing.  As a result of too many people getting injured, the JWT office in Kiev decided to make an impact on drivers without the fatalities. The creation of a manhole cover that released a helium person in front of the cars of speeders forced people to thinking while driving. The campaign did make a difference, and made people more aware of their surroundings in a new and innovative way.


This link will send you to the making of this guerilla campaign.


Another social issue that made a disturbing impact was the Timeline for an Anti-Drug campaign. The purpose of the campaign was to make Facebook users aware of the consequences of using drugs. Due to its disturbing images, the website quickly put a stop to the guerilla campaign because it was make users feel uncomfortable…. I feel that anyone whom was uncomfortable either has done drugs, or know someone who does them. It was a harsh reality consumers needed to see because it affects the lives of not just the user, but their friends and family around them.


Due to it being removed form Facebook, this link will take you to the YouTube showing you what the webpage had on it.


Help someone far away is another guerilla campaign that made an impact on the consumers involved. The idea of the campaign was that everyone always helps people around. An example? Oh! I’ve got one: I fell while walking in heels the other day at the College. Mildly painful, very embarrassing. In the end, I had five people whom came over peeling me off the floor and picking up my stuff. In the end all was good, and everyone was really nice about the situation.

Back to the campaign: the point is to have consumers to think not only of the people around them,  but the people that are suffering form poverty around the world.

The actors would trip and fall, dumping their groceries everywhere. The people around them would be kind and pick their stuff up for them and check to see if they’re ok. Now, before the person leaves, the actor would give a hand out to the person saying to help others like they help their communities. It carries a powerful message and gets consumers participating without even knowing it. They think they are doing their good deed of the day, when really they were a part of a social statement.


Here is a video showing how people can really help in two ways: Locally, and Globally.